Burma Army continues violating child rights Child soldiers in Burma Army Burma Army continues violating child rights Despite international pressure on the State Peace and Development Council ( 房地產SPDC) to stop recruiting and using child soldiers, the SPDC has been continuously violating child rights to recruit or use child soldiers in 永慶房屋its army, according to a report from Sino-Burma border. Myo Gyi/Hseng Khio Fah12 September 2008On August 14, a group of s 東森房屋oldiers from a battalion based in Myothit, abducted an orphan, Mg Pauk Chate, 14, from Ngat Pyaw Daw village, Bhamo township, Kachin State, accordin 台灣房屋g to a local villager close to the victim.“Pauk Chate disappeared on the day soldiers arrived at the village. We were told by a villager that he was called by a soldier a 看房子nd went with him,” the source said. There are 3 Light Infantry Battalions (LIB) #438, #437 and 320 based in Myothit-Momauk. “We don’t know exactly that which LIB the soldiers were from. If they 新成屋 were from Makhoy, it may only be LIB # 437,” said the villager.On the following day, Ko Yae Wine, a brother of Pauk Chate and some local head villages went to appeal the case at Makhoy battalion command post, but they were d 花蓮民宿enied meeting with authorities and Pauk Chate. However, a soldier from Makhoy confirmed that Pauk Chate was at a barracks at that time, said the source.On September 2007, the SPDC said in a letter sent to the Human Rights Watch (HRW) that th 廬山住宿ey have formed a Committee for the Prevention of Recruiting Child Soldiers and preventing forced recruitment of under-age children as soldiers and ensuring adherence to orders and instructions issued for the protection of under-age children. Nevertheless, th 廬山飯店e HRW's world report and Child Soldiers Global Report 2008 by the Southeast Asia Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers (SEACSUCS) found that not only the Burma Army but also several ethnic armed groups are still recruiting and using child soldiers in their armies 廬山溫泉.  .


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